Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you tow the Haymate down the road?

    Yes, you are able to tow the Haymate down the road when it is not loaded. As long as you have the correct oversize sign, flags and flashing lights are recommended whilst being towed by a farm vehicle as the Haymate is a farm implement or you are meeting all requirements of the local authorities. 

  • Does the Haymate feed out silage?

    Yes, the Haymate was designed and manufactured originally to feed out silage. We have expanded the Haymate design to feed out multiple types of fodder including silage, export bales, hay and straw. 

  • Do you deliver on farm?

    Yes, we will on farm deliver the Haymate to you; give a demonstration how it works and work through any first hiccups with you within a 500km radius of Keith, SA, 5267.

  • Do you offer after sales support?

    Yes, we offer after sales support up to 12 months after the purchase of the Haymate machine. Tech advice and support is also available during business hours. 

  • Do you offer Finance?

    Yes, we have partnered with agPAY.

    agPAY is a dedicated agricultural financier offering seasonal funding lines across a range of commodities including crops, livestock, wool, and dairy fodder.

  • Is the Haymate self-loading?

    No, the Haymate is currently not self-loading. We are currently researching and designing a way to make the machine self-loading


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