Haymate SR5400

Haymate SR5400

The Haymate SR5400 is made from Australian steel, where possible with laser cut profiles ensuring high accuracy and quality.

The Haymate SR5400 is a time saving piece of machinery that will minimise feed loss from any type of hay to silage. It can hold  up to 4 round bales or 5 square bales, or a combination of both to reduce  loading time. There is minimal manual handling when loading and feeding out. You are able to control the feed out rate and lay the hay out over a longer run  if required, to help eliminate shy feeders from the cab of your vehicle.

All of our Haymate models are interchangeable and able to be customised to meet your requirements.

The Haymate SR5400 was designed and created in 2020 to help the  local farmers minimise waste in hay, improve safety procedures and improve  turnaround times. The Haymate is a time-saving device with multiple towing  hitches. The Haymate SR5400 can be effortlessly controlled from the comfort of your cab.

The Haymate SR5400 was designed with the help of local farmers  for farmers to make farming easier. With cutting-edge technology and advanced  precision with attention to detail, the Haymate SR5400 will not disappoint.

The Haymate SR5400 can be loaded without being attached to any vehicle or tractor making this potentially a one tractor FEL/TELE  Handler operation.

All Custom  Engineering Fabrication, founded by Andrew Martin, has grown exponentially over  the years. Each year, our custom Engineering Company strives itself on  customer satisfaction. Today, we serve a wide range of clients, who all demand  excellence and innovation. We're happy to say that we always get the job done.

What makes the Haymate SR5400 stand out?

One Person Operation
The Haymate is a one person operation making it safe to use, Minimal manual handling, no lifting or climbing, remove strings from ground level, large steps to stand on to obtain access to table if required, and can be operated by almost anyone

Electric Start Engine
The Honda GX690 is a 688 (41.97 CU-IN) 90o V-twin cylinder air-cooled four-stroke internal combustion small gasoline engine, Horizontal drive.
The Kawasaki 691d Engine is a 726 cc (44.3 CU-IN.) 90° air-cooled v-twin 2-cylinder engine, vertical drive. all controlled via remote control. full start/stop/choke/high-low revs from the comfort of your cabin.

Remote Control Feedout
We elect to use the lodar remote control system. The industry leader in design and production of industrial wireless remote controls. This enables out Haymate to operate effectively all the time. The lodar system allows operation of the engine management – Start – Stop – Choke – Rev’s Control. The lodar also operates the function of the Haymate including the rotor, lifting bed and conveyor motions. This makes the operation of the Haymate easy and manageable by almost any person, Allowing a greater range of people resource.

Our unique fully integrated hydraulic system is among the best on the market. Utilising high quality Italian components, it is fully remote control driven. The Honda and Kawasaki petrol engines are well sized for the capacity of the machine requiring only regular maintenance.  

Self Conveying Bed
The bed is shaped to hold round and square bales on its galvanised rails. The remote control moves bales forward to the stainless-steel bed. The conveyor can also be reversed to enable full bales to be unloaded in the paddock

Stainless Steel Bed
For ease of feeding material into the feeder rotor and long-lasting stainless steel-clad bed designed to enable regulated feeding out. All easily operated via remote control. This comes standard on all modes.

Jack Stand
Centrally located 2500kg rated heavy duty drop leg jack stand bolted to the chassis for secureness, ensuring fast coupling and disconnection. Standard on all models.

Leaf Galvanised Roller Rocker Spring Tri Axle
Good load sharing capability especially during loading and unloading. The 7-leaf galvanised roller rocker springs come standard with the Haymate SR5400; Higher load ratings are available. Plus, our own design gusset side support system giving greater strength to centre hangers 

Bluetooth Electric Brakes (Optional)
(Wireless) We elect to use Elecbrakes, the electric brake controller that is revolutionising towing in Australia and New Zealand. Delivery unparalleled performance, safety and flexibility, this trailer mounted electric brake controller is wired directly into the trailers electrical circuit, operated via an app on your mobile phone. this option avoids the need to have hard wired brake controllers in each vehicle using the Haymate. All Models are fully tested in the workshop before leaving.
Website - Electric Brake Controller - Plug and Play Setup: Elecbrakes

10", 6 Stud Land Cruiser Hubs
The Haymate comes standard with 10", 6 stud land cruiser hubs, running 245/R16 wheels. Can be customised to suit your requirements.

Tri Axles
All axles are 50 x 50 solid, running Japanese parallel bearings. 16" tyres the Haymate runs a triple axel with 16" tyres for low compaction of the paddocks causing less wear and tear on the farm, this is standard on the Haymate SR5400. Standard are 2 axles are electric brakes and the third is a lazy axle. Other options can be supplied, also a spare tyre carrier as an option. 

Taillights and rear flashing lights for road towing between properties. This comes standard on all models.

Conveyor and Chains Australian Made
All drive chains SKF quality the same size chain throughout. The conveyor chain is Australian Made. 

Easy Folding / Extendable Bed
Our unique fold outside rails allows you to hold bales in place while using, but easy fold up during transport. 

Multiple Towing Hitches
Able to tow behind a heavy capacity Ute or tractor. Choice of hitch type 50mm, 70mm, or pintle ring. Huge time savings when towed with a high-capacity vehicle. 
When towing the Haymate on the road a 70mm hitch is recommended. 

Other Features

The Haymate is fully grit blasted and power coated by Arkote, with over 40 years of experience, outstanding service and high-quality workman ship, they always cease to amaze. 

Adelaide Powder Coating Experts - Arkote
A heavy duty designed chassis, all components are fully welded, heavy duty gusset and side supports for suspension points, all replaceable suspension components, majority of the parts are available from any reputable supplier, all bearings and drive chains are SKF quality, all reputable hydraulic components used, and all fabricated components are laser cut for accuracy and quality. This proven labour and time saving Haymate range will not disappoint. 

7 Pin Flat


Bale Size Round 1.8m  x 1.5m
Bale Size Square 1.1m  x 0.9m x 2.4m
Bale Weight Capacity 700kg  4 Round / 5 Square
Length 7m
Width while operating 3.2m
Width in transport mode 2.7m
Height 1.8m
GTM 2.4t
ATM 4.5t
Hydraulic Oil Standard 68 Oil
Fuel type Petrol

Optional Extras

Elec Brakes
Fire Extinguisher and Bracket 9Ltr Water
Fire Extinguisher and Bracket 9kg Foam
REDARC Electric Brakes
Electric 50mm Tow Ball Coupling 3500kg
70mm Tow Ball Coupling 4500kg
Pintle Ring Hitch
Lodar Remote Control Holder
Remote Kit for Bluetooth Electric Trailer Brake Controller
Spare Tyre Holder
Spare Tyre
7 Pin Flat
12 Pin Flat
7 Pin Round
12 Pin Round
Hay Twine and String Box – Tractor models only
Pintle Bar Ball 7T
Wireless remote rear camera


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