Advancements in Agriculture Technology (AgTech)

5 April 2023

Advancements in Agriculture Technology (AgTech)

Farming has become subject to numerous rapid technological advancements over the past couple of decades. Currently, to improve their farms and farming, traditional farmers utilize an array of technologies. AgTech is defined simply as any innovation to improve efficiency, profitability, and sustainability in the application of technology to agriculture. Spanning over every step of production – from seed to store – to feeding stock, - from paddock to plate - and maintenance. AgTech contributes to seed genomics, soil health, machinery and supply chain management, Stock production, stock maintenance, and stock feed, among other processes (agrifarmingtips, n.d.).  

Within a variety of farming environments around the world. AgTech can be found being used on large farming operations, drones to scout, map and survey large sections of farmland, have replaced “walking the paddock”. Most farmers today, especially with multiple employees, have resorted to implementing more safety procedures, no more “old-time farming methods”.  The Haymate range of feedout trailers is a leading example of “old-time farming methods” meeting the “New Generation Farming” techniques, using advancements within today’s agricultural technologies.

On the ground level, the internet of things (IoT) has enabled a vast class of internet – Enabling Sensors that can report soil conditions in real-time back to farmers by utilising sensors that are placed in the ground (Bowery Farming, 2023). Farming equipment companies like John Deere, Fent, and Case, offer a fleet of fully autonomous combine harvesters that can navigate huge paddocks of crops entirely on their own when it comes to harvest and seeding times.

Everything from sensors, devices, machines, and AI to grow more productivity, efficiency, and a higher standard of safety is affected and influenced by agricultural Technologies. With the rapid growth and development of Agriculture Technology farming has improved production from paddock to plate.  


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