Giving elderly farmers a purpose again

18 March 2024

Giving elderly farmers a purpose again

There is a high emotional connection and attachment that can develop and give meaning to location and experience influenced by living on the land for ageing farmers. The farms that these farmers live on have acquired special emotional experience. 

At the start of the younger generations time on the land, living on the land isn’t important, nonetheless, years of interacting with, living on, and working the land, the farmer grows an attachment to the land; becoming such a high importance that place attachment has such a special significance. Helping elderly farmers maintain their own identity and a sense of stability in the face of age-related changes and adjustments. Many farmers feel a deep sense of purpose in their work, knowing they're providing essential goods for their community and beyond. Emphasising that farming is a way of life, a lifestyle not just a career, creating a strong emotional, almost biological, connection to the land. 

As the farmer ages, the land becomes apart of you, you look after, and do your best for the land. Farming is not just a job anymore; it becomes a love. The lifestyle of farming is what attracts most people, and sets farming apart from others, it gives meaning to life even in the hard times. Attachment to the land is experienced and constructed causing source of identity, refuge, and comfort, defining the distinct culture that nourishes aging farmers psychologically. 

As the years go by for farmers, the younger generations come through and help on the farm, the advancements in agriculture improve, causing aging farmers to feel unproductive and useful. New technology and advancements in agriculture help compensate for physical limitations aging farmers can experience. It can be difficult for the elderly farming community to consent to using the new innovation and machinery, and to realise that to become productive and useful aging farmers must adjust to change and transition into different methods of operating. 

The new generation farming community doesn’t want to see the older generations being kicked off their land that they have an emotional connection to, but also do not want to see them put themselves in harms way, getting injured or worst. That is why the team at Haymate Australia as used the innovation and advancements in agriculture to keep the aging farmers on their land longer, so they keep their own sense of stability and identity. The Haymate range puts safety first, making sure all generations are kept on the land as long as possible; there is no more climbing on the back of the Ute to feed out your hay and fodder, all feed out is completed in the cabin of your vehicle with remote control feedout. Holding four large round or five large square bales, feeding your livestock has never been easier, more efficient, and safer for everyone. 

The older generation farmers can now continue to feel that they have a connection to the land they once ran, continuing to give them the feeling that they have a purpose in life and that they are helping the new generations whilst staying safe and upgrading the farms proficiency. 


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